The Noble Woodsman focuses on hand-crafted, traditional joinery & sustainable slab rescue – working with fallen trees from throughout Eastern NC & beyond as well as imported exotic hardwoods. We like to carve axe handles, chainsaw stumps, drink whiskey, keep our chisels sharp, and make our customers happy. From refined contemporary designs, to reclaimed grain masterpieces, we create it all.


The restoration and creation of custom axes is what started us on our path of woodworking, thus it will always take up a special place in our heart. Though most of our hand-carved handles posses the Noble Woodsman Lifetime Warranty, an axe that is part of the Noble Woodsman Heirloom Series is intended to be cherished and beheld, however, not considered for every day use. They are a beautiful piece of art, however during the restoration process their may be something structurally wrong, thus voiding the Woodsman Warranty.

Please contact us at to inquiry about our custom restorations!

At this time Noble Woodsman does not ship internationally. Sorry for the inconvenience.


· Charcuterie / Serving / Cutting Boards

· Furniture Restoration

· Reclaimed & Pristine Tables

· Concrete Tables & Counters

· Reclaimed & Pristine Floating Shelves

· Shelving & Storage

· Candle Holders

· Beer Flights

· Ink & Wood Illustrations

· Various Decor & Display

· Beard Oil

· Beard Wash

· Pomade

· Hand Salve

· Various Body Soaps

· Sharpening & Upkeep

· Rust Removal

· Wax & Protectant

· Axe & Tool Restoration and Customization

· Noble Woodsman Journeyman Hammers


Do you ship internationally?

At this moment we do not ship internationally. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

I'm unsure which axe to purchase...

Axes serve three major purposes, cutting, splitting and shaping.

Larger axes like the American Felling Axe work great, but some find them too tiring to use for a prolonged period of time. Obviously the larger axes will get the job done faster, but I find that at the end of the job I am more tired.

When it comes to carving I find that smaller forest hatchets can be adequate. A hatchet with a 1-2lb head.

If you are looking for an Heirloom Series axe for in memoriam or display, I would suggest an axe that best reflects your feelings, be it nostalgia, fondness, or love.

Can you sharpen my axe?

Absolutely! If your bit or blade needs some tender loving care, please contact us!

Can you restore my old axe?

We do provide custom restorations. If you have a loved feller, please email us, send some photos so we can assess the repair, and we will get a quote back to you ASAP!

What are your basic care instructions?

For a lifetime of use start with these basic steps:

  • Keep your axe clean and dry
  • Rub the handle down with Noble Woodsman Prime Linseed Oil once or twice every 3 months
  • Keep the bit (blade) waxed after every use using Noble Woodman Blacksmith’s Compound (wear protective gloves)

How do I return an item?

Apothecary Items are non-refundable. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of these items, please contact us.

If you are not satisfied with your axe purchase within the first 15 days of your, we will accept a return and process a refund.
 Please file returns here: NW Returns

Handles stamped with our logo posses a life-time warranty (barring abuse or misuse).

Can I purchase your products wholesale?

YES! We are currently branching out and trying to get our brand into the hands of consumers. If you have a shop we would love to talk with you and supply you with our quality handcrafted products.
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Disclaimer: The Noble Woodsman claims no responsibility for harm or damage caused while using our products.