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Custom Modular Yarn Storage System Installation

At Noble Woodsman, we love when we have the opportunity to take a clients vision and make it a reality. Several weeks ago a customer came to us wanting an efficient way to organize her skeins of yarn, utilizing much of her wall space, but still maintain a modular format. Immediately cubbies came to mind. They would give here the ability to stack many skeins in a unit and she could take stock of her inventory with a glance.

From there we would design a simple cleat system to allow each cubby to be moveable as seasons/projects change so she could get to whatever color/style she would need at arms length.

Noble Woodsman


Wool you just let me knit in peace!

At the end of the day I am very proud of our fist large installation. This was a great project in the shop, and really fun to design from concept to installation. We finished in a timely manner, and we exceeded the clients expectations which is first and foremost.

If you are person who loves to crochet or knit and you do not have adequate storage for your material, please shoot us an email and usually we can come out and quote a job that day with NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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