The Woodsman

A woodworker and craftsman based out of Raleigh, NC, Shane is focuses on hand-crafted, traditional joinery & sustainable slab rescue – working with fallen trees from throughout Eastern NC & beyond as well as imported exotic hardwoods. The culmination of which is to provide quality craft, trade, and provision by utilizing traditional skills to create finely crafted furniture, functional décor, and supply. Revived and restored from the salvage to the final brand, The Noble Woodsman honors the heritage of each piece.

He likes to carve axe handles, chainsaw stumps, drink whiskey, keep our chisels sharp, and make his customers happy. From refined contemporary designs, to reclaimed grain masterpieces, The Noble Woodsman creates it all.

Through method and patience  we create art through appliance. Steady hand stay true.

Every artifact has a story, carry it on.

The Man

In the Summer of 2013, my son was taken from me in a very selfish act, more to the point: my life was shattered. Left bitter and broken, I retreated into alcohol. After 4 months of living in a whiskey-latent blur, I decided to pick myself up off the ground, as this was no way to live… I started remodeling an old shed on my property as well as pick up various tools on my travels. Instead of picking up a bottle, I would pick up a draw-knife or a rasp and shape a piece of Carolina Hickory.

Over time, I started to produced a collection of quasi-retrospective artifacts that, in their craftsmanship and character, reflected the tune of terrible beauty and heartbreak, or so the story goes —

Two years later I would gain my son back, regaining the love I once knew. Now together, we rebuild not only our family, but keep the Noble Woodsman brand as a reminder that even in tragedy, something amazing is born.

If you find us traveling, please say hello, we would love to hear your story as well…

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A portion of our proceeds are donated to help fathers falsely accused of domestic violence.


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