beard, beard care, beard oil, beard wash, raleigh, nc

beard, beard care, beard oil, beard wash, raleigh, nc

Beard Care & GQ Grooming While Maintaining Manliness

The Noble Woodsman is a company founded on manliness in all aspects. Big, burly, majestic beards could be called our signature. Stop by our booth at an craft market and its sure to be populated with many-a stout-bearded man. We also understand that a big face coozy isn’t every mans cup of tea. Some may choose the path of least resistance, a minimalist beard of sorts, you sir are rocking a ‘stache.

Don’t be ashamed of your beer tickler, we are not knocking your choice (or mother natures choice) to only grow some lip fuzz. Take pride, a strong mustache is the meat and potatoes of the glory that is facial hair. Whether you have chosen to keep it simple sawyer, or go full bush, we are here with our guide to taking the best care of your face forest.

The Honeymoon Period

The real key in the very early stages of growing your trout teaser is even length and conditioning. From 5 o’clock shadow on you need to start conditioning your skin and baby-hairs to maximize growth. Also during the first several months you will want to perform routine trims and shape-ups to keep it looking awesome. All that is needed is our Beard Is Legend Beard Oil & a good pair of trimming scissors or a beard trimmer. The aim in the early stages is to maintain the natural shape and length, while removing any wiry hairs that are sticking out, and cut down the split ends and fly-aways. Nothing fancy or complicated about it.

This is the perfect time to start to perfect your maintenance routine. Streamlined and easy – no crazy cuts, no deep removal, no headaches trying to deal with wrangling your jaw suburbs into place.

The mustache is a key component here, keep it natural, which means you’re going to let it fall naturally into place, and keep it trimmed slightly above the lip-line.

beard, beard care, beard oil, beard wash, raleigh, nc

Cleanliness is Next to Beastliness

There’s more to beard maintenance than just simple trims. Keeping your beard clean is also an important part of the process. Unlike your hands or body, your beard is simply a victim of its environment. There are many things from day to day that you come in contact with that may hinder your face crop from looking its best, from food bits, to dust, and even the smell of tobacco. Doing a deep cleaning once a week will not only keep your beard growing to its full potential but will also prevent unwanted issues such as itchiness and dandruff. Washing and conditioning is going to be a big part of beard ownership, but the key is not to overdo it. We recommend hitting it with some beard wash about twice a week. Keeping it clean and fresh is important, but with a nice tight beard, over washing can cause it to dry out and start to look kind of lifeless. Give yourself a day or two between washes to allow your skin and beard to produce some natural oils to give your beard and effortlessly easy and natural look.

Washing Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs a thorough, proper cleaning. Don’t use normal hair shampoo on your whiskey strainer. Shampoo and conditioners that are used on your head and scalp contain harsh chemicals that can damage your beard. Noble Woodsman Beard Is Legend Beard Wash is more gentle than shampoos and soap, and does not contain foaming agents that really don’t have anything to do with cleaning effectiveness. We use an organic build that is god for you, your cow tickler, and the environment! It’s particularly important to shampoo your beard in its early stages when new-growth itchiness is exacerbated by trapped food and skin cells.

Shampooing Basics

Like washing your head hair, there’s nothing too complicated about shampooing your beard. Start by rubbing the shampoo into your hands to produce a good lather and then rub it deep into your beard. It’s important to massage the shampoo right down to the skin to get rid of any dead skin cells that may have accumulated. It’s best to leave the shampoo in your beard for a few minutes to allow the oils from the beard shampoo or wash to get soaked in, perhaps making out with a fair lady while the shampoo sets in is a good way to kill several minutes. Note: On days when you’re not shampooing your beard, use a washcloth soaked in warm water and rest it on your face and beard to relax your pores and leave your beard stout and ready for the next day. This will hold you over until your next shampoo.

beard, beard care, beard oil, beard wash, raleigh, nc

Whats in Your Grooming Toolbox?

There’s a lot of debate about whether scissors or trimmers are the best way to groom a beard. Well we are men so stop gossiping; a lot of guys use trimmers because they produce a very uniform, clean look – plus, they’re easy. However, more traditional men like to argue that scissors are a more gentlemanly way to groom a beard, as they create a more natural, crafted look.

Both are true. The important thing to remember here is that there is no right or wrong answer. Choose the best instrument for your beard and the tool you are comfortable with and feel will shape your chinlocks the way you want them.

At the Noble Woodsman we suggest the use of electric trimmers for short beards, stubble, integrated mustaches (mustaches that flow into the beard) and for cleaning up the neckline. Use scissors for long beards, styles with non-integrated mustaches, and anything with no neckline. With practice an elegant hand sculpted beard can be forced from the hair, much like Michelangelo forcing David from his marble womb.

beard, beard care, beard oil, beard wash, raleigh, nc

Limited Products

Beard care products are essential to maintaining a well tamed and manageable face-shield. We should know, to us the beard isn’t a fad, its a rite of passage. But if you’re going the way of the minimalist, you don’t need much to get the job done.

Our recommendation? Get yourself a good deep conditioner, and let it ride.  Not only is this stuff a smooth, soothing, no-hold, deep conditioner that is perfect for keeping your hair and beard velvety soft and hydrated, but it’s also built to keep the lady-folk from running. So not only can you throw this luscious beard spa on your tight face trousers, you have a sweet smelling lady net all in the same jar.

Don’t trust just anyone with your dusty furrows… Trust the best, bearded since birth, not a fad: trust The Legend.





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